J. Smith Collection is a black-owned business founded by JaCorrian Smith. The OURS collection is a spin-off of the overall J.Smith Collection project. Our mission is to promote and connect individuals. OURS collection was driven from my sister and I, growing up we were viewed as twins. We did everything together as one, graduated together, went to prom together and modeled as Ken and Barbie. I want these fragrances to allow others to experience that same connection, whether it’s a relationship or friendship. We all need someone in our corner that is going to be there no matter what the situation is. One of my main goals has been to create something that was going to set the standard and based off of that I was able to create a “neck turning” smell, a “what are you wearing” smell and a “hey, what’s your name” type of smell. The process of getting this brand established has not been an easy process. However, it has been very rewarding and God has allowed everything to fall in place for it to be released Summer 2024.

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